Fence Lighting Products

Lighting isn't only about security. Nothing makes your fence and landscape pop mor than strategically placed landscape lighting.

Whether you opt for downward aimed post cap lighting or fence-panel backlighting we have the options to complete your landscape.

We have post cap lights for all post sizes, available in low voltage (12vdc) and solar LED options.

The best time to install cap lighting is during your fence install so please inquire about our many lighting options.

Bring your outdoor living space to life with led and solar post cap lighting, side lighting and riser lighting products from DSI.

Our Magena Star® Lighting is the perfect accent to your property’s deck and fencing. Offered in both low voltage and solar allowing flexibility in installation and a variety of applications.

With sizes from 2″ through 5″ our lights work with most post sizes. Our accent lights are ideal for stairs and discreet accent lighting on decks. Take comfort in our low-maintenance, precision made products offering quality powder coating.

Let us light your way with our Magena Star® Lighting products.


Long Lasting LED’s rated at 50,000 HoursSingle Low Voltage DC Power SupplyLow ProfileSimple and Easy to InstallPost Cap and Tear Drop Lights Available in 12 Standard Powder Coated Colors

Teardrop Downward Light 

Post Cap Light

Solar LED Fence Post Lights

Downward and Combination